Angie's Story

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1. What made you get involved with Shelley and her programme? 

I had just started as a volunteer with a local charity and was having a meeting with my coordinator. I can't remember exactly how we got onto the subject but the long and short of it is she told me her back story. I automatically assumed that she had always been this tall, slim, beautiful lady. She showed me photos of herself before she was introduced to Shelley and her programme. I couldn't believe the transformation in her (by the way she's always been a beautiful lady). Here was the perfect advertisement for Shelley and her programme sitting in front of me. This was the nudge I needed to do something about how I was feeling about myself

2. What are the most enjoyable aspects of the programme?

The programme is so easy to follow. Shelley prepares everything for you. You don't have to worry about what you are going to eat and what exercises to do. Meal plans are sent to you weekly and workouts are broadcast, all you have to do is follow the plan, that simple. The support from Shelley and all the other girls that are on the programme is ongoing and second to none. The camaraderie is infectious.

3. Would you recommend the Feel Look Be Formula to your friends, have your friends taken part in the programme as a result of your success?

I would 100% recommend the Feel Look Be Formula. I have a friend who is on the programme just now as she was so impressed with the changes she saw in me, not just physically but also mentally. She is loving it.

4. Where did you hear about Shelley’s programme?

It was through my volunteer work coordinator that I heard about Shelley and her programme. I am now proud to call her my friend and an inspiration to me.I will be forever grateful to her for introducing me to Shelley's programme.


5. What health improvements have you experienced since starting the programme?

I'm a runner and have been for years. For the last couple of years my breathing was really bad when running. I was putting on weight and blaming that and my shortness of breath on the menopause. Once I started on Shelley's programme I realised it wasn't the menopausethat was to blame but it was what I was putting into my body that was all wrong. It was simpler to blame it on the menopause rather than face up to the truth!

6. Shelley simplifies the science on so many topics related to female health and well-being, can you give any examples of how this has helped you? Maybe you have a health problem or have been prescribed medication you no longer need?

Through listening to Shelley's extensive knowledge which she delivers with such passion and in a way that everyone can understand I stopped taking HRT, I didn't have a clue about what supplements to take before Shelley's programme.

7. The family friendly aspect of the programme is a big deal for Shelley, can you explain if anything has changed for your family, nutrition?  Exercising, spending quality time together?

I really wish Shelley had been around when my sons were growing up, but not as much as my husband wishes!😄. He certainly didn'tmarry me for my cooking!! Both of my sons are grown up now. The impact that Shelley has had on me is phenomenal, I am now clean eating and cooking everything from scratch for the first time ever. My husband often used to say that we really should start eating healthier, to which I would roll my eyes and think whatever! Not any more, I absolutely love clean eating and the cooking side of it. My husband thinks all his birthdays have come at once!

8. Has your fitness improved since starting on the programme?

Yes my fitness has definetly improved, not only physically but also mentally. Shelley puts her everything into the programme which makes you want to give it your all.

9. Do you plan to keep working with Shelley to sustain your progress and stay connected to her work?

feel that once you come across Shelley and the impact she has on your life you can't help but stay connected to her work. There are notenough words that I can use for this fantastic lady, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her dedication to the programme and the on going support that she gives you.

10. In 5 words, describe what the programme is!