Bekki's Story

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1. What made you get involved with Shelley and her programme? 

I got involved firstly after reading umpteen amazing reviews from clients of Shelley's. Seeing the before and after pictures blew me away! It was clear the programme worked!! I was also very drawn to Shelley's biography, it was open, real and very inspiring! Her drive and passion for wanting to help people and live healthier longer lives is very clear! As a single, full time working mum this programme was perfect for me. Seeing Shelley's pictures on her website also encouraged me to join, as she clearly practised what she preached.

2. What are the most enjoyable aspects of the programme?

The fun aspect for me on this programme is cooking from scratch, I’ve learnt so much!! The fact my 14 year old daughter gets involved is the icing on the cake! The lives are mainly serious but can also be fun with some fun, light hearted banter. Absolutely love the workout challenges she sets for us!

3. Would you recommend the Feel Look Be Formula to your friends, have your friends taken part in the programme as a result of your success?

I would highly recommend this programme to my friends and customers. I’ve probably had 35/40 people join through people seeing my body change and my wellbeing and attitude at its best! I have seen them progress in body and mind which is amazing!!

4. Where did you hear about Shelley’s programme?

I heard about the programme through a friend and did further research on Shelley's website.

5. What health improvements have you experienced since starting the programme?

My skin in certainly so much better! No spots or dry patches on my skin. My periods are less painful and PMT is practically non existent! My sleep has changed massively! I can actually sleep a full night in a deep sleep! The biggest thing for me is my mindset and wellbeing! This has helped my mental clarity tremendously! My mind is calm and I’m mostly relaxed now.

6. Shelley simplifies the science on so many topics related to female health and well-being, can you give any examples of how this has helped you? Maybe you have a health problem or have been prescribed medication you no longer need?

Learning about how important organic and grass-fed foods are has helped me recognise why my periods were so bad, why I’ve had mood swings in the past.. now that I know this my daughter is full organic and is now helping her monthly cycle with less pain!

7. The family friendly aspect of the programme is a big deal for Shelley, can you explain if anything has changed for your family, nutrition?  Exercising, spending quality time together?

The programme has not only taught me about health and well-being but also for my daughter. She cooks with me, she’ll listen to Shelley's lives and has done a few of her workouts too!! Mainly though her seeing how healthy I have become is so important and such a great example! It’s becoming second nature to her now. How fantastic is that?!

8. Mindset and mindfulness is an intrinsic component to Shelley’s FLB Formula. Have you experienced a shift mindset can you explain?

As I've developed on this programme, my mindset and mindfulness has too. I’m so in control of my own mind and my thoughts tune into what I’m sensing in the present moment rather than the past. I most definitely have growth mindset now!

9. Did you consider yourself fit before you started the programme? Do you think people need to be fit to start this programme?

Yes I was quite fit just not in shape. I needed help to shift fat!

10. Has your fitness improved since starting on the programme?

My fitness has gone through the roof! Gone from 5 workouts a week because I had to, to doing a daily workout and extra because I want to! With the constant encouragement from shelley and the other woman on the programme.

11. Do you plan to keep working with Shelley to sustain your progress and stay connected to her work?

Yes I plan to stick around for the foreseeable future.

12. In 5 words, describe what the programme is!