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The Feel Look Be Formula is a holistic approach to improving your health with:


Mindset: Shelley works to help you develop the tools you require to reach and maintain a positive mindset

Nutrition: Discover the nutritional knowledge to introduce healthy habits with simplified science

Fitness: Join Shelley Monday to Friday (if you want to) for live Zoom workouts

Health: Improve your physical health, eliminate stress and reduce fatigue

Designed specifically and solely for women, this global programme is completely online so you can take part from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Simply trust the process and enjoy life-changing results!

Thousands of women from the Gold Coast to Glasgow have already transformed their lives for the better. You could be next!


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What's included in the Feel Look Be Formula?

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A strong and healthy mindset is one of the most important elements of this journey.

That's why Shelley will provide you with the education and support to be the best you can be.

Coaching: For the duration of the programme, join Shelley's Facebook sessions Monday to Friday for motivation and to have your questions answered  

Exclusive support: You'll get access to an exclusive support group with like-minded women to share advice and celebrate each other's success

Mindfulness strategies: Shelley will introduce daily mindfulness strategies to help keep you focused and assist with stress relief, relaxation and sleep 

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Discover how good nutrition can change your life, dispel common food myths, and understand the little changes that can make a big difference to your lifestyle. 

Support: Join the Facebook chats for meal plan support and nutritional insights on the ideal choices to support your goals and motivate you to optimal health

Daily meal plans: Shelley has designed healthy family-friendly meal plans with foods you'll love and recipes for the whole family to enjoy and easy to prepare together

Daily tips: By uncovering the science behind nutrition, Shelley will reveal everything you need to know about losing weight, dropping body fat, and feeling great   

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Your four-week training plan includes a recommended daily goal of 10,000 steps and whenever you’re ready to take the next step, you can also access live workouts with Shelley (Monday to Friday) - a great way to energise yourself for the day ahead or unwind before bed.

Home workouts: Ditch gym memberships for a wide variety of online workouts that you can complete from the comfort of your own home

Something for everyone: The step-by-step exercises are perfect for women of all ages and abilities - no gym required

No strict timetable: When you workout is up to you. Train as a community via Zoom or watch back at a time to suit you

"Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes!"

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Nobody says it better than our clients...

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Get ready for your Feel Look Be experience with free access to the Facebook Group at point of purchase

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Share the love for Feel Look Be with Shelley's Influencer programme and you'll get paid for every referral

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Monitor and celebrate your results with optional weekly reflection, accountability and feedback sessions

My Story...

I've spent the past 20+ years helping women all over the world to transform their health, body & mindset in every aspect of their lives.

The grief of losing my dad to a poor lifestyle-related death drove my desire to work with women to stop the consequences of poor lifestyle choices.

Before my dad died at the age of 56, he had been diagnosed with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and was feeling the effects of too much alcohol, smoking, and a poor diet lacking in nutrients and vitamins. My dad was a proud Scottish man. He didn’t want to listen, thought his way was the right way, and wasn’t changing for no one!

Let’s face it. It’s far easier to live an unhealthy lifestyle than it is to lead by example. It’s too easy to take the easy way out, and that was my dad. I watched this as a child into adulthood, frustrated that I couldn't do anything to stop the vicious pattern. By this point, I was working in the health and fitness industry having graduated from the University of Northumbria with BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science and had an established personal fitness training business.

My childhood craving for a family ethos of wellness and health, togetherness, and a strong sense of family led me to create the Feel Look Be Programme. I wanted to provide a family-friendly, female-only safe space for women to share their experience and enjoy the journey. When a woman changes her health for the better I’ve found that she takes it back to the family and promotes wellness and health within the home.

The family ethos of this programme is very special, and I know that many partners benefit too from the clean healthy nutritious food and even take part in our morning zoom workouts as a family.

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