Gill's Story

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1. What made you get involved with Shelley and her programme? 

I was 55 in March this year and I live in rural Spain in Granada Province. I had gradually put on weight thanks to various weight loss programmes I had attempted to follow and actually I did lose weight (not a lot) and then gained more than when I started.

I had tried them all – just name them and I will have given it a go and failed! Menopause hit me hard and it literally took every last shred of confidence I had left (which wasn’t a lot) and I had likewise been given so much conflicting and confusing information from “experts” in the UK and here in Spain; I was completely desperate for help as I was just continuing to put on weight. With weekly accountability, having an expert in her field having access to my stats weekly and giving advice where needed I felt in very safe hands and trusted this process because of the results of those I knew who had found Shelley’s plan before me.

2. What are the most enjoyable aspects of the programme?

- It’s not a one size fits all programme.
- The plan varies month on month.
- You are directly involved with founder and mentor Shelley twice a day.
- Online, women only, private, personal and so supportive.
- No gym needed, everything based from your own home including the exercises
Shelley tailor-makes the plan to fit your needs, your fitness levels, your issues, your lifestyle.
- The education is second to none; I have learned so much about why my body was behaving the way it was and because of largely what I was eating…and drinking too much … it ALL just actually just made me more unhappy.
- All the hard work is done for you, weekly meal plans, daily exercise, daily education…follow the rules and you will lose weight and inches its guaranteed!
- It’s not a diet or a fitness programme it’s a lifestyle plan to help you make changes to your weight and body shape that are sustainable.

3. Would you recommend the Feel Look Be Formula to your friends, have your friends taken part in the programme as a result of your success?

- I cannot recommend this plan enough!
- I make myself accountable not only to Shelley every Monday, but to my social media platforms too as I truly have had a life changing experience following this plan since July 2019.
- It’s not just weight and inch loss its SO much more than that; although to date (April 2020) I have lost 58 lbs and 43 ½ inches since I started…which I know I would never have lost any other way or in the way I have with no saggy skin and no stretch marks.
- I have enjoyed journeying with 32 of my friends to date (and hopefully more to come onboard in the future too) who saw my SB progress largely via Facebook or Instagram and asked what was entailed.
- I see it as a pleasure and an honour to recommend this plan to others because had someone not recommended it to me, I wouldn’t have found the plan and achieved what I have to date.

4. Where did you hear about Shelley’s programme?

My friend Kelly Blanchard joined SB in January 2019 and we were exchanging thoughts re weight loss and menopause and Kelly told me about Shelley’s programme. I won’t deny I thought I was too old, too unfit and it wasn’t for me… and I didn’t join until July losing valuable months where I should have just got on with it! Which is eventually what Kelly told me to do and it’s the best £145 I have ever paid to invest in myself and my health My fears were totally unfounded. I have never felt as supported, encouraged, empowered or inspired ever, I regret not joining sooner that’s for sure!


5. What health improvements have you experienced since starting the programme?

Apart from losing over 4 stone in weight and over 43” including 13” off my belly and 12” off my hips I have also experienced the following health benefits:
- Lower cholesterol (family history of early 50’s heart disease).
- IBS cured – no medication needed at all (family history of bowel cancer).
- No heartburn – no anti-acid medication needed at all.
- No bloating or cramping.
- Eczema - gone.
- Recurring Toe nail infections - gone.
- Skin, hair and nails – in the best condition in years.
- All Menopause symptoms – night sweats, hot flushes etc – gone.

6. Shelley simplifies the science on so many topics related to female health and well-being, can you give any examples of how this has helped you? Maybe you have a health problem or have been prescribed medication you no longer need?

I LOVE the education side of this programme; I have learned SO much from Shelley who does indeed put the science behind the nutrition, exercise and mindset and not only makes it simple for everyone to take onboard, it becomes addictive to learn as you go along. I have loved learning about Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, Fat Burning, Mindset, Supplements, Organic foods, Hormones, Emotional Eating and Inflammation to name but a few…and it has made we want to read up and study the topics more too I can’t take HRT due to family health history (breast cancer, bowel cancer etc) and within a few weeks of my following Shelley’s plan my menopause symptoms were gone:
- No IBS meds
- No Anti Acids
- No Steroid creams
- The lowest dosage of Statin (due to family history).

7. The family friendly aspect of the programme is a big deal for Shelley, can you explain if anything has changed for your family, nutrition?  Exercising, spending quality time together?

From day one my partner Mark has supported me not only following the plan himself (he lost over a stone just following the same meal plans) he cooks for us on the majority too With Shelley providing the meal plans weekly it takes all the hard work out of “what should be have for tea” or “what shall we buy for the week ahead” as you know what you need and can shop accordingly. It means we waste less food and we do a lot of cooking together that we just didn’t before. Because we don’t waste food our food bills are less too as we buy what we need, NOT what we feel like! We are also closer as a couple because I’m not that desperately unhappy and miserable about my size and shape woman anymore…on the contrary I’m now keen to see where my journey can take me…I couldn’t do the workouts when I first joined the plan BUT…it didn’t stop me losing over 14lbs and 13.5” in my first month; I simply wasn’t confident enough as I felt too big and bulky and too unfit… But I walked daily starting off with a slow 2K and I worked my way up to over 5K a day and I’m fortunate to have an outdoor pool so in summer I swam daily too. Covid19 lockdown created total lock down here in Spain so in mid-March I started daily exercise as I couldn’t get out to walk and I have seen a difference in my body shape and fitness ever since. The fact that Shelley offers us daily workouts as part of our plan currently is just a total game changer and there is truly no better way to start your day!

8. Mindset and mindfulness is an intrinsic component to Shelley’s FLB Formula. Have you experienced a shift mindset can you explain?

There are so many I could list!

- Knowing that Shelley has your back, front and sides and she will support you 1000% is truly a game changer for me; no other online plan or weight management/loss company offer what she does; I’m proud to have her as my mentor.
- I have ME back.  The “old” Gill who was confident, comfortable in her skin and was outgoing and happy…I lost her totally…and I became someone I not only hated to look at in the mirror but I knew I was becoming someone I actually didn’t like very much too...moody, negative, not wanting to socialise. Not. Anymore!
- Confidence in my ability to exercise - because I lost the weight and I wanted my losses to be sustainable I knew I had to keep active and I actually LOVE this part of the plan now, which was THE part I dreaded the most at my starting point.
- Confidence in wanting to share this plan with my “world” and those within it.
- I want everyone to experience what I have and do and so they can feel as I do now too.
- Motivated to want to learn more, do more exercise, encourage others in their SB journey, be a role model to my 4 year old Grandson Harry.

If I can DO this…so can anyone!

9. Did you consider yourself fit before you started the programme? Do you think people need to be fit to start this programme?

Not. At. All. On both counts
I was beyond unfit.
I had attempted to “get fit” in my 50th year…and hired 2 PT’s to help
I suffered 3 major injuries during an eighteen month period; 2 of which resulted in knee ligament surgery and a calf muscle repair
I feared being too old and too fat.
I was so wrong
I started slowly (walking and swimming) and did what I could do (as I was actually recovering from a car accident at the time I joined so weight bearing was a no no for my first 12 weeks)
This plan and the people who enrol monthly with you, are SO encouraging and supportive its quite an incredible safe, confidential place to be where you truly are empowered to be the best version of you…not someone else.


10. Has your fitness improved since starting on the programme?

Absolutely. I am improving week on week and so is my body shape and capability. Shelley always offers alternatives to all exercises on the plan so you never have to try and do something you can’t or you don’t want to do due to health issues or “injuries” as such. And you are totally encouraged to up your game when and how you can which is totally inspiring too!

11. Do you plan to keep working with Shelley to sustain your progress and stay connected to her work?

April was my 10th four week shred with Shelley back to back. My journey to health was never going to be a quick fix as I wanted and needed this to be sustainable and a lifestyle change for life.
I plan to keep going now to see where the next couple of months take me with SB as I have achieved far more than I ever thought I would. I likewise love being able to join with those monthly who enrol as newbies and to be able to offer them the “indirect support” that sometimes you might not want to go public with. I am still very much a work in progress and I know with Shelley’s help I can now probably gain the level of fitness I sought 5 years ago and be fit, healthy and 55!

12. In 5 words, describe what the programme is!