Kelly's Story

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1. What made you get involved with Shelley and her programme? 

I was at a place in my life where I had made some really difficult life choices, ones that hurt some people along the way but choices that were made to improve the life I had and the life I wanted my son to have. I had found a good place in my life but there was just something missing and I really couldn’t work out what it was but I knew I was struggling to be kind to myself and this was impacting on me emotionally and no doubt those around me.

2. What are the most enjoyable aspects of the programme?

There is genuinely no part of this I don’t enjoy but if there was one thing I think I would miss most when my time in the programme ends I think it would be the lives - when we are all together at the same time learning & sharing together.

3. Would you recommend the Feel Look Be Formula to your friends, have your friends taken part in the programme as a result of your success?

I am always promoting Shelley to friends & family both face to face and through social media and whilst people are hugely complimentary about my success in the programme they are really quite scared to take the leap themselves. As we know it’s easier or comfier to remain unhappy or as we are than to put in the effort to make lifelong changes.

4. Where did you hear about Shelley’s programme?

A very dear friend who I had lost touch with more recently posted a picture on Facebook and it was a simple side on photo with clothes on, holding out her trousers to show her weight loss and in the post she spoke about Shelley. That was it for me, I started researching immediately, found Shelleys FB page & website, read all the reviews, looked at all the before & after pics but deep down it was just knowing someone who had done it and had the success made it a no brainer. I was booked on for my 1st shred in January 2020.

5. What health improvements have you experienced since starting the programme?

Within the first 2 weeks of my 1st shred the health benefits were already starting; brain fog clearing; benign breast disorder pain easing; night sweats easing; energy levels becoming consistently good and the up and down mood swings were decreasing. By the end of the 1st shred I felt like me, the real me, not the 43 year old woman plagued by pre menopausal symptoms. 5 months later and I am in the best health of my life - inside and out.

6. Shelley simplifies the science on so many topics related to female health and well-being, can you give any examples of how this has helped you? Maybe you have a health problem or have been prescribed medication you no longer need?

As I mentioned earlier the health benefits have been incredible; I would say my early peri menopause diagnosis 4 years ago was rubbish - all symptoms now gone! Unexplained fatigue no longer a part of my life neither is insomnia or restless legs. For me though the biggest health benefit has been mentally and emotionally. I’m just genuinely happy and grateful and this has made my life complete.

7. The family friendly aspect of the programme is a big deal for Shelley, can you explain if anything has changed for your family, nutrition?  Exercising, spending quality time together?

I think it’s fantastic that my son sees me shopping, cooking & eating clean nutritious food and he sees me back to being a runner and I know this will be good for him and teach him good habits. Since my 1st shred there has been no white table sugar in the house nor any fruit juice nor any cooking oils except coconut or nut oils. We only eat organic dairy, organic fruit & veg and all our meat is pasture raised/grass fed or organic. Treats are now treats and not everyday staples. I educate where I can but without applying pressure as I want my loved ones to start making good choices for themselves.

8. Mindset and mindfulness is an intrinsic component to Shelley’s FLB Formula. Have you experienced a shift mindset can you explain?

I think all that I have said so far points to this aspect. I really did not know this was part of the programme prior to starting and whilst it played a smaller part when I first joined it is now one of the biggest parts of the programme. Mindset really started falling in to place for me in April and when the May programme started I knew this would be my main focus, I was ready to absorb it all. Daily spiritual practice is now a natural thing for me and I can honestly say it has brought me an inner peace that I have never felt before.

9. Did you consider yourself fit before you started the programme? Do you think people need to be fit to start this programme?

I have always been a runner and I loved days spent in the hills and trails however niggling health issues like fatigue, insomnia and restless legs and taken a toll and I had a few years out of doing very little and this had the obvious impact of weight gain and loss of fitness. Shelley really guides you through the fitness at a pace that is right for you, everyone one of us is in a different place in all aspects of this programme and I have sen women go from no exercise ever to walking, jogging and running everyday and also learning, perfecting and pushing themselves during home workouts. You can absolutely start with no level of fitness at all but I guarantee you will leave with one.

10. Has your fitness improved since starting on the programme?

I am back running, comfortably and without injury and this means the world to me. The combination of nutrition and weight loss has really helped with this. Admittedly this is more important to me personally than the workouts but now I have my running in a great place; my mindset is where it should be and I’ve reached my initial weight loss goal I am ready to put my focus into the daily workouts in June to start strengthening up and getting good tone and definition.

11. Do you plan to keep working with Shelley to sustain your progress and stay connected to her work?

Shelley is a big and important part of my life, I feel emotional when I think of not having her in my life but for now I will be taking part in the next shred in June and I am going on Shelley’s retreat with her and some of the other girls in September. I know my time on the Feel, Look, Be programmes will come to a natural and end but I will always be a client of Shelley’s because she has helped me find that missing piece of my life jigsaw and I never want to lose that again.

12. In 5 words, describe what the programme is!

The door to inner peace.