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The Powered Up Formula - On Demand

You're moments away from starting a journey that will redefine your strength, health and vitality. The Powered Up Formula is specifically crafted for men like you, who are ready to leave behind the endless cycle of weight gain, low energy, and unfulfilled health goals.

Why Choose the Powered Up Formula?

Tailored for Men Like You: Designed with the unique challenges and needs of men in mind, this programme addresses weight loss, muscle gain and energy levels head-on, offering practical, real-world solutions.

Sustainable Results: Forget quick fixes or fads. The Powered Up Formula focuses on long-term, sustainable changes, ensuring the weight you lose stays off and the energy you gain stays with you.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from expertly crafted workouts, nutritional meal plans and mindset strategies that consider your lifestyle, responsibilities and the changes your body is going through.

Full Support: You're not going this alone. I will be there offering support, accountability and motivation every step of the way.

Your Investment in a Healthier Future

For just £149, you're investing in a healthier, stronger more energetic version of yourself.

What You'll Receive

- Comprehensive Workout Plans
- Nutritional Meal Plans
- Ongoing Support from me and my team
- Education to help you improve your health long term

Ready to Power Up Your Life?

1. Fill in your details to secure your spot.
2. Complete the secure payment process.
3. Receive your welcome email for the Powered Up Formula and get ready to start your transformation!

Final Step to a New You

Enter your details and take the final step towards the life you deserve. It's time to power up, reclaim your health and feel better than you have in years.

Remember, the difference between where you are and where you want to be is the action you take today. Let's take that step together. Welcome to the Powered Up Formula.


Non refundable or transferrable against other programmes. 

* - Results cannot be guaranteed as every person is different. Results will differ depending on level of effort.