Become mentally and physically stronger!

Wish you could hit pause, recharge your batteries and come back mentally and physically stronger? 

Thanks to the 5-Day Blitz you can...and in less than one week. 

The 5-Day Blitz is your ticket to nutritional advice, mindfulness strategies, and home workouts designed to supercharge your mental and physical strength. 

 "I feel so different...I seem to have so much energy...I've lost half a stone in five days which is great."

A message from Shelley:


What's included in the 5-Day Blitz:

Bulletproof Mindset

Discover the daily mindfulness strategies that will help build your confidence for the journey ahead

Nutritional Advice

Shelley will reveal the best ways to fuel your body so you get the most from your nutrition for optimal health. You will receive a full list of the recommended foods to create your meals from.

Home Workouts

Five days of online fitness workout videos with expert trainer Shelley Booth (the whole family can join in) 

You'll also learn how to maximise your training efforts, get healthier and in great shape with Shelley's expert teachings from her 20 years in the health, fitness, and wellness sector. 

Are you ready to feel mentally and physically stronger?

For a short time only, you can access the 5-Day Blitz for just £14.99! That's less than £3 a day for a coach in your pocket!

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Beyond the 5-Day Blitz

The 5-Day Blitz gives you a fantastic taster of the Feel Look Be Formula, an intensive 4-week online programme for women.

"I've really enjoyed doing this 5-Day Blitz...I want to get fit, I want to tone my body up, I want to lose a bit of weight, and I can't believe how this 5-Day Blitz has actually given me that kickstart and motivated me to do that. I have signed up to Feel Look Be and I'm really looking forward to it.”

If, like Amanda, the 5-Day Blitz inspires you to join the Feel Look Be Formula, find out more here.

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