Combining her academic background in Sport and Exercise Science and more than two decades experience of the health and fitness industry, Shelley set about creating a wellness and health programme designed to help women realise their greatness and true authentic power.

As a youngster, Dundee-born Shelley was driven by the enjoyment of team sports and exercise. She was naturally good and enjoyed succeeding. However, her success was combined with the joy she felt at her father’s pride in her achievements. When he proudly boasted about his sporty ‘bairn’ to his friends, it instilled something crucial in Shelley. It deeply embedded an enduring drive and positive mindset. It incentivised her to push herself to always do her best and then to do better still. To do the best she could at everything, she set her mind to accomplish without failure. High achievement became hard-wired in Shelley, as did setting a goal and working hard towards attaining it. No matter the focus, determination, risks and sacrifices required in the process of reaching this goal.

When her father tragically died in early mid-life due to lifestyle-related ill health, Shelley was devastated. She felt his death was avoidable and could have been prevented if there had been a lifestyle intervention. And so it was that Shelley took a personal oath to commit herself to a journey of lifelong learning about health and fitness, in honour of what she felt was her father’s wasted, unlived life. Thereafter, Shelley embarked on this journey of self-improvement and self-education. Now highly educated in her passion subjects of sport, exercise and nutrition, she uses her experience, strength and hope to help transform other people’s lives. Her aim is to help prevent people from dying unnecessarily young like her father.  

Shelley is committed to making the widest and most impactful positive difference in society as possible. A difference that will inspire, motivate and educate people so they can make informed choices about the single most important thing they can hope to control in life – their HEALTH and that of their families.

Shelley’s Feel Look Be Programme is for women only, so they can freely share, express and support each other, but also other women, to be the best they can be in the safest space possible. Shelley believes in changing a woman’s outlook, mindset and confidence. When women become informed and knowledgable about their health and well-being, they communicate that knowledge to their friends, partners, families and extended families. From here, they can positively change the culture of health at its very roots.  

Shelley’s Feel Look Be Formula is the ongoing product of her life’s work. It has proven to be highly accessible, positively life-changing, infectious, inspiring, and has helped transform thousands of people’s lives for the better.

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