Lesley's Story

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1. What made you get involved with Shelley and her programme? 

I got ‘involved’ with Shelley and her programme after a good friend of mine, Kelly Blanchard, started to show amazing results. To be honest, I couldn’t believe the change in her over a relatively short space of time. I was just ticking along in my own world, not particularly active, or that bad a diet, or so I thought. I had been a busy mum for 15 years, not particularly having time for myself, the kids come first right? But I wanted some of what she had!

2. What are the most enjoyable aspects of the programme?

The most enjoyable aspects about the programme is obviously Shelley – she makes it all so easy! Weekly meal plans and nutritional guidance – easy to follow family clean eating recipes, complete with recipe book. Live daily chats – complete accountability, the most amazing educational information that really opens your eyes to the world around you. Live daily workouts – no gym required and adapted to suit each individual depending on your own abilities. And a whole group of ladies, on their own journeys, but all supporting each other along on a safe closed Facebook page.

3. Would you recommend the Feel Look Be Formula to your friends, have your friends taken part in the programme as a result of your success?

I have recommended Shelley to many other ladies and it’s been amazing to see them on their journeys too. But to be honest I kept her to myself for the first few months, just in case it ‘didn’t work’! Once the results were becoming very obvious, friends and colleagues starting asking what I was doing? That’s when I started telling everyone about Shelley from Dundee and her programme. I then also started sharing her posts on my Facebook page and spreading the word – the least I could do for Shelley, as she had done so much for me, but I also wanted others to have the opportunity that I had, I mean, everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, right?

4. Where did you hear about Shelley’s programme?

I left it a few more months, as there was always ‘something else on’ then I asked Kelly for more details about it all. Was it just another ‘diet?’ ‘the latest fad?’ I checked out Shelley’s website, and it all seemed pretty real. The reviews were outstanding, and these ladies were just like me, working mums, juggling everything, and they were managing these amazing transformations – I could actually do this!


5. What health improvements have you experienced since starting the programme?

6. Shelley simplifies the science on so many topics related to female health and well-being, can you give any examples of how this has helped you? Maybe you have a health problem or have been prescribed medication you no longer need?

I haven’t just lost some weight and got a bit fitter on this lifestyle change but my health has improved significantly. I have suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for ten years and was taking a cocktail of medication , but within 2 months of being on the programme I could tell a huge difference on my joint pain – granted loosing some weight can take the pressure off your joints, but the swelling was going down too. After 3-4 months and a meeting with my consultant we agreed to reduce my medication slightly – to this day, I have now halved my dosage, and due for review again soon, which I would like to take the next step and stop it completely – this is such a huge thing in my life, and understanding what all these inflammatory foods can do to you, I can’t thank Shelley enough.

7. The family friendly aspect of the programme is a big deal for Shelley, can you explain if anything has changed for your family, nutrition?  Exercising, spending quality time together?

8. Mindset and mindfulness is an intrinsic component to Shelley’s FLB Formula. Have you experienced a shift mindset can you explain?

I have 3 young children and they have grown up watching me struggle to get up off a chair, or just walk short distances. I have never played sports with them or pushed them on the swings. They have watched me from going to not even managing to do a press up or burpee and having to help me get up off the floor – to now doing workouts with Shelley each morning, sit ups, press ups, mountain climbers, lifting weight bars and dumb bells – along with 5K power walks and more, every day. I absolutely love working out, I get such a buzz from it, but I also get more from the kids. They get so excited about the changes in me, tell their chums what their mum can do, and it makes me feel so proud. My pictures show the difference in me from the outside, and I still struggle to look at them, I am not the same person that I was, inside or out - it’s what's going on in the inside that really changes each day. My mind has completely changed, thanks to growth mindset, which Shelley has educated me all about. This has been a gradual process for me, but anyone can really do this, irrespective of weight, age, shape or size.

9. Did you consider yourself fit before you started the programme? Do you think people need to be fit to start this programme?

I have now been on the maintenance plan for 3 months, this has worked perfect for me, still keeps me accountable each week and I still have that opportunity to catch up with Shelley. My weight still creeps down, I have gone from a size 14 to a size 6-8, and my fitness has completely improved. I have still never stepped into gym, as I can do it all from home, and fit it around the family. If were out eating, the kids check the menu out for me, to see what’s on it that I can eat. This is fun and educational for them to understand good and bad foods – bad foods give their mum a sore tummy 😊

10. In 5 words, describe what the programme is!