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14-Day Steak and Egg Challenge

Launches Monday 8th July

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Client Testimonials, In Their Own Words.....

Client Testimonials,

In Their Own Words.....

It's time to turn the heat up on sculpting the body you've been sweating for. I'm slicing through the noise and the nonsense to bring you something that's not just game-changing; it's simple and it's satisfying. Welcome to the 14-Day Steak and Egg Challenge, where we're getting way back to basics to blitz the fat and carve out those abs.

I'm Shelley Booth, your guide on this 14-day journey to a leaner, meaner and more confident you. If you're fed up with complex diets and ready for real results, you're in the right place. The Steak and Egg Challenge is here to strip back the nonsense and focus on what truly works.

What's on the Menu? Simplicity & Results

Steak and Egg: The powerhouse duo that's about to become your best friends. High in protein, rich in nutrients and unbelievably satisfying, these two are about to revolutionise your approach to weight loss and muscle definition. 

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The Secret Sauce? Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Ever heard the saying "abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym"? It's time to live it. This challenge will prove once and for all how the right nutrition can unveil the abs you've been sweating for.

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Inside the Challenge:

Private Facebook Group: Dive into an exclusive community where motivation never sleeps. Connect, share and journey together.

Live Content Galore: I'll be with you every step, hosting live content to keep you motivated and to keep the energy sky-high.

Cooking Demos with Me: Watch and learn as I whip up steak and egg magic in the kitchen. These live cooking demos will arm you with the skills to keep your meals exciting and effective.


Your Transformation Awaits

This isn't just about shedding a few pounds, it's about unveiling the strong, vibrant, confident you. 

Why Now? Because You Deserve It!

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Ready, Set, Sizzle!

This is your defining moment. For less than the cost of your daily coffee, you have the power to start a journey that goes beyond the physical. It's about sculpting a body that mirrors your inner strength and unleashing a level of confidence that lights up every room you enter. This is about more than just looking good; it's about feeling invincible. It's time to kickstart a journey to a body you're proud to show off and a confidence that radiates. 

Space is limited and your opportunity to make this transformation is right now. Click below to join the 14-Day Steak and Egg Challenge now. Let's do this!

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This eBook includes 5 comprehensive chapters packed with valuable content explaining what the Steak and Egg Challenge is all about including pre-challenge preparation tips to ensure you hit the ground running and achieve your goals with confidence. 

Plus, you'll discover free recipes, exercise and lifestyle strategies meticulously crafted to maximise your results and prepare you for the future.

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