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Breaking The Barriers: How To Overcome Health And Fitness Challenges

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2019

Many of us experienced and continue facing roadblocks along the way to obtain our goals. Indeed, sticking to a regular workout to get physically active and to follow a strict diet can be challenging as several hindrances, considered as “excuses” arise. However, as the saying goes “if there’s a will, there’s a way,” if we truly want to live healthier, stronger and longer we should definitely put effort, time and energy to overcome typical hurdles and to get into motion as much as we can.

In this article, we listed some of the common barriers that most of us face in our health and fitness journey, together with some useful tips on how to overcome them.

1. Lack Of Time

The phrase, “I don’t have enough time” can be considered as a usual reason not to visit the gym or perform physical activities like walking, jogging or even short exercises like burpees, squats, and lunges. Surely, with our hectic schedule sometimes 24 hours is not enough and working, resting or doing other activities are more important than exercising.

Time can be subjective, in a way that if we really prioritize something, we can always make time for it. A recent study proves that lack of exercise due to work increases the risk of developing heart disease for about 6%, Type 2 Diabetes for about 7%, and certain types of cancer for about 10%. But remember these illnesses can always be prevented through exercising even 30 minutes a day.

How to get fit amidst insufficient time?
Be creative and start choosing activities that require you to stand up and move. Squeeze in a 20-minute walk every day, get up earlier and do some short early morning workouts, ditch the elevator and take the stairs, perform short burst exercise for 10 minutes while at work.

2. Lack Of Confidence, Motivation, And Interest

Breaking a certain habit to get into a certain activity can be a challenge with your inner self, which involves your self-esteem, personality, and preferences. Attending a class or going to the gym can be overwhelming for beginners as comparisons could occur that would affect your self-confidence in reaching a certain fitness goal. Nevertheless, there is always a solution to these kinds of issues.

How to overcome the hurdles of self-esteem?
One interesting aspect of exercise is that it comes in a wide variety of physical activities where one can choose depending on his or her interest, fitness goal, and comfort level. With regards to self-esteem and being too self-conscious on how you look while exercising, it is best to start with something easy like running on a treadmill or choosing an activity that you are comfortable performing until you build up your confidence to learn new skills. Moreover, mindset plays a significant role in overcoming low self-esteem. The key to this is to keep in mind the benefits of getting into regular workouts and eating healthy meals, particularly on how your body will enhance and how you will feel better after sticking into your fitness routine.

3. Lack Of Equipment, Resources, And Funds

It is true that not everyone can afford a gym membership, purchase exercise equipment for a home workout, or buy organic only foods. But having limited funds is not a reasonable excuse to give up on your fitness and health goals.

How to stay committed to your health and fitness regime without spending much?
With the rise of health programmes all over the internet, one can select which activity and dietary plan to take depending on the resources and funds he or she has. You don’t need to be a part of an elite gym or add an extra amount to spend on your grocery list. Being healthy is a priority, and it is a matter of wisely choosing how you utilize your funds to gain more.


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