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Good Intentions This January?!

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2018

As a gym owner, I get this.  I see it, and I understand the psychology behind it. But do you? If you  did understand why, would you still contribute to the drop off statistic?!

A gym membership may seem like the first step in any resolution to be healthier.  With January the most competitive time to advertise, an influx of promotions competing on price are all you’ll see and hear about, your social media feeds are full of it and you are left with the problem how do you choose?

Attendance at all other gyms spike in January as people are persuaded by competing marketing promotions and deals. Is a cheaper membership worth it? What does ‘worth it’ look like to you? 

Take a look at the pic here, why the drop off?  How do you interpret it and why?

The Globo gym mentality for me – go in, head phones on, talk to no one and train then leave, repeat! But here’s the thing, I do this!!! Didn’t expect that did you?! IT WORKS FOR ME!

I don’t train at my own gym, I train at a local Globo gym where I can lose myself in my own workout, don’t need to engage with anyone, train then leave.  Why this works for me is that I am my own consultant with 20+ years of experience and knowledge behind me. It’s not only my job, it’s who I am. So I’m safe to train, I know what to do and I can motivate and challenge myself to keep improving.  I can factor in rest and recovery, nutrition, consider my hormone imbalance and cycle and programme my training to get the best from my body.  But not everyone who attends a globo gym will be this fitness savy.

Added to this, I spend my days being immersed and committed to my clients goals, talking, coaching and instructing, the 1 hour per day that I train myself is a welcomed ‘shut the world out‘ time to focus on just me, be completely selfish and make it all about ME. But training, health and fitness and living in ‘IT’ all of my life, so for me it works.

But I don’t contribute to the drop-off statistic. I won’t lose motivation or pay a gym membership without using it.

For the average person however looking to get in shape, motivations are different.

It’s a real struggle for most people to have the confidence in the first place to enter a gym like this, put themselves out there and after a gym induction be left to their own devices. What do I do?  Is my technique right?  No one talks to me? What do I do if I want to lose weight?  What do I eat to capitalise on my good work in the gym? Why am I eating and training this way? Unless you’re also paying a Personal Trainer on top of your membership, does anyone really care about your questions, progress or apprehensions?

Once reality hits and the January New Year excitement wears off,  and motivation is lost, so does the desire to attend, and with it the excitement of making a difference. You may also be tied into a long term contract with no desire to use it. Just foot the bill because actioning cancelling a membership feels like self defeat, failure and you feel STUCK!

What’s missing? For me as owner of Train Eat Sleep Repeat Dundee, is the sense of community, the education underpinning EVERYTHING we do and the personal relationship between coach and client, it’s like being a Personal Trainer to many people, I know what each and every one of my clients’ goals and motivations are and I strive to work with them, in a group setting to achieve them, and I take it very seriously. I’ll advise if we are the wrong fit, I’ll have the uncomfortable conversations and advise if theres ‘a resistance to change, it’s what I pride myself on and what works for me and inevitably works for them too.

I also believe that outdoor training is a crucial component of any regime, even my own.  The sense of breathing in fresh air, being at one with nature, battling the elements, I mean running in the rain can be so therapeutic – try it!  Better still try it with 40+ people all supporting and encouraging you (on a beach in Scotland in winter!) to keep going, this is what I do, and my clients love it! Providing year-round challenging and fun Beach Bootcamps, in Scotland in sometimes minus conditions! Rarely cancelled, never avoiding rain, snow or wind, and still very well attended. FUN is a key component of these sessions.  Team challenges and having a laugh is equally as important as the training itself.

The commitment to keep this going year round is a big commitment as a gym owner, with 4 per week including a sat morning, it rules out Friday night’s on the town (of which I have no desire to do anymore so that’s not too much of an issue) and gets in the way of weekends away, but I’ve done it for years now and adapt my life around it for my clients to benefit.

When we do go indoors to concentrate on strength, technique and skill sessions there’s no air conditioned, heated gym with maple sprung floors and trendy dance music or ceiling suspended  TV’s at Train eat Sleep Repeat.  When we do train inside it’s a RAW and REAL by design.  Bring yer coat!  But I guarantee you’ll be peeling it off within the first 5  mins of the warm up.  With stone walls, wooden beams and green felt-backed flooring to give a sense of grass we’re as close to the outdoors as we can get it!!

EDUCATION. Generally speaking it’s missing.  My clients have all came to me from different backgrounds, gyms, and habits but I’d say 90% of them didn’t have the training knowledge or know-how to understand nutrition training or the synergy of both, even the people that have trained with PT’s. This is a key component for me as a coach.  I need to get people to the point they can make informed choices, I must promote independence and self sustainability if I am to make a lasting impact where they can continue lifelong learning and progress in their own  wellness and health.

I’m not in this to be driven by mass members. I’m personally and professionally driven by helping people like you achieve lifelong health and fitness.  I invest my time and effort in you and your goals become mine – this matters!!  I make it my business to ensure you experience success and can commend you and celebrate with you, as will your fellow TESR members.  How do I do this?  I live, breathe and learn constantly how to improve your health and wellbeing.

My concept works, there’s more social proof out there that it does work than I can tell you here.  Look at my Shelley Booth Fitness Train Eat Sleep Repeat page reviews and google me, I’m there for a reason.

MOTIVATION: Anyone can sign up to a gym advertisement riding the high of January’s good intentions and New Years Resolutions but who’s gonna help you on the down days? The days when nothing seems to be going your way and you want to hide?

You guessed it ME. I’ll commit to you year round and be there for you when the going gets tough.

I lead and drive my knowledge and expertise to help you, but the camaraderie of my members will keep you coming back for more, they’ll buffer your down days and pull you through the self destruct days.

If you’re thinking about doing something different this January, I’d love to help you achieve your goals. From the complete beginner I can help you, you’ll be looked after and supported every step of your journey to better health and fitness.  If you are a new customer you might want to consider my new 21 Day Fat Loss Program starting on the 9th January. Contact me for information.

I hope you all have a productive, healthy and enjoyable year.



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