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My Authentic Self, My True Self

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2018

It Was A Struggle

You’ve no idea what it’s taken for me to put myself out there in the above photo, I don’t ever wear tight clothes or sports bras when I workout. If you see me day to day, I’m in baggies, day and night. Regardless of what I do, I’m very self conscious, haven’t been happy in my own skin and have been discontent with the lack of time I had to look after myself or prioritise my own health and fitness, confidence and mindset. I prioritised my clients in this respect, I have for the past 10 or so years.

That was until last year when I recognised that I was doing such a great job of empowering and educating people around me to be the very best version of themselves, that I was completely neglecting my own need to be the best version of ME. Now I’ve worked in the industry a long time, and I know that when you’re immersed in ‘IT’, that we the ‘Fitness Professionals’ can and are sometimes the most unhealthy amongst us due to the long work hours, unhealthy work life balance and eating on the go… and a social life on top to cut loose and relax.

I’ve juggled a full time job, as Lecturer/Project Officer, plus 100 + clients per week, bringing up my son and keeping a house all at once. I get why as a working mum, life gets so busy that prioritising our own health is a struggle.

However I decided enough was enough. I stopped regularly drinking alcohol socially and started to train hard again, like I did when I was younger, training daily, eating well and working hard to provide for my son Leo, 8.

I’ve now reached the point where I can see the hard work pay off again, and I feel completely in control of my own self.

My Turning Point

Last year, I was given some advice that will resonate with me for a long time to come. On a meet and greet with Bev Francis at Powerhouse Gym Long Island USA, she spoke candidly about my desire to change my body, my vision and my goals, how to train and her advice was this. That it would take me three years to get to the point that I’m satisfied. It’s a journey that requires relentless commitment, dedication, hard work and a grit to see it though to my end point. For me, this was finding myselfarriving and being okay with who I was, and finally, I’ve arrived. 

At the age of 40,  as a woman in charge of how little or often I socialise with or without alcohol (not often, I like myself better when alcohol doesn’t feature in my life regularly) and someone who now has a work-life balance that allows me to look after my family, my clients as well as myself, I’m happy to share the photo above in the hope that it will help other women to find their truth, whatever this is, to pursue a path that will ultimately bring good, positivity and an acceptance of who they are.

Showing up as the very best version of me is where I’m at, my contribution is obviously a substantial one, I play a role in so many people’s lives – but inside, I’m happy with who I am, where I’m at and glad I’ve found a lifestyle that allows me to be healthy and happy. I wish the same for every single woman out there.

Shelley Booth


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