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Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2019

Losing weight is probably one of the most difficult goals to achieve in life. Losing weight is difficult, but the most difficult thing is to maintain weight. That’s the reason why having a mentor, family and friends doing it together will really make it super easy and exciting.

Although there are many ways to lose weight, not all options work for everyone. For some people, a simple diet and exercise plan will help them lose weight. For others, diet and exercise are not enough. They will need to take supplements to lose weight and maybe work a little harder than others. There are so many other factors to considering including metabolic status, hormone imbalance, and genetics.

Here are some tips to adhere to, if weight loss/body fat loss is one of your goals.

Avoid junk food, empty calories, refined carbohydrates, and sugar. All of which will cause elevated blood sugar levels and make losing weight and or body fat difficult. All your efforts to lose weight will fail if you can not avoid eating junk food and processed foods. These foods contain many calories and will cause weight gain. You should always try to eat healthily. To make sure you do not give in to temptation, make sure you have meals prepared at home, including raw fruits and fresh organic vegetables.  Also, be sure to purchase fresh local produce, grass-fed if possible; wild caught fish and pasture raised organic eggs, free-range is not enough.

Exercises and a balanced diet as a combination are is the best way to lose weight. Strengthening your muscle, getting lean and keeping your heart strong should be a priority.  Exercise doesn’t need to be done in the gym, the alternative way is to do your workout in your own home. My programme doesn’t require a gym. Workouts not only accelerate your metabolism, but they also increase muscle mass. The increase in metabolic rate and muscle mass will help you burn more fat in less time, even at rest you’ll burn calories, this is known as the afterburn. You should also try to increase your NEAT – non-exercise activity thermogenesis – If you go to the shops in your car, start walking. If you usually take the elevator, try to climb the stairs. Take the dog for a long walk, or get out worth the kids for a cycle. Concentrate on setting g yourself a daily step challenge. Get people at work involved and create friendly competition.

The most dangerous way of losing weight is to do the trial and error and experimentation, causing yo-yo’ing, on it, off it, gain weight lose weight. This is unsustainable and will cause a sluggish metabolism, demotivation and a lack of sustainability causing failure. Everything you do regarding your health must be guided properly by the expert. You need a mentor who has a proven track record to assist, guide and support you.

More about Shelley:

Shelley Booth is one of the most trusted Health and Fitness Coaches around. Not only in the UK but all over the globe. With an academic background in sport and exercise science and over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She is helping women globally to be fit and healthy via her online health and fitness coaching program. 

This popular online course is the 4-week Total Body Transformation which includes daily workout plans that you can do at the gym or in your own home, as well as structured clean eating diet and meal plans to keep you in shape, and educational content that will help you understand important factors such as for example hormones and imbalances – we are all different and faced with different challenges on a cellular level, growth mindset techniques to maximise your efforts, good quality nutrition and the effect of macro and micronutrients on your progress and so much more. 

Educational content with links to current research and methodologies underpins everything Shelley teaches. The long term aim of Shelley’s program is optimal health for her clients and their families. Getting her clients to a point where they feel empowered,  educated and informed to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle for life and being able to strike a balance of maintaining health and enjoying good food and exercise.


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