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2021 Reflections

Here we are, the very last day of 2021. Tomorrow is a new year filled with new opportunities and I don’t know about you but I am ready for it!

Whether your year has been amazing or it fell short of expectation, it's time to reflect, draw a line under it and move on with new intentions for 2022.

Next year is unwritten, it can be whatever we want it to be. The possibilities are endless and the opportunities are many.

In Feel Look Be January, I will be asking my clients to spend some time reflecting on the year just gone. This is a massively important step in goal and intention setting and I wanted to share some of my reflections with you.

Things I have learned :

I’ve learned that it’s no good flogging a dead horse. I’ve heard this many times, but when you’re in it, you get it! When it’s done, it’s done. Call time, concentrate on moving forward and realise the lessons. Cutting myself free of situations that do not serve me is what I’ve learned must happen. So, if you find yourself in a situation that isn't serving you, cut loose!

I’ve learned that being vulnerable is a strength, I can hide my vulnerability from most, very convincingly! However, in difficult moments when life does its thing, my vulnerability has escaped at times this year and it has been felt. Strangely this is when I’ve felt the most accepted and most supported. I am human after all; I wasn’t sure about this for a while haha. Vulnerability feels good (sometimes). I might do more of this in 2022 and you should too!

I’ve learned that life is passing by quickly, everything is temporary and nothing stays the same. With all these moving parts, juggling, pushing forwards, improving standards … self-love and self-care is ESSENTIAL. I’ve introduced a weekly massage, allowed time for daytime bubble baths when the house is empty, taken long walks without the dogs all in an effort to appreciate the moment, realise the importance of the smallest most simple of things and fully live in appreciation for everything that is. We really do have one shot, so I’m going to live it as healthy and as balanced as possible. Time is of the essence.

Things I am hugely grateful for:

Being privileged enough to work with thousands of women across the world this year. Through time zones and latitudes, I’ve worked with women from 18 different countries this year and I love you all!

Hitting the 7-figure business KAJABI HERO status! Working tirelessly to help people actually takes care of this. Providing massive service and significance, staying focused and over delivering at every opportunity to benefit my clients. 

Managing my time this year to be present, still and in the moment with Leo to play games, kick a football, go to the cinema and just be together, digital distraction free and fully present. 

A massive thank you, as ever, goes to my wonderful clients – old and new. Without you, none of this would be possible and I have loved working with you on your goals more than you will ever know.

Welcome 2022 with a full heart and an open mind. I’m right there by your side!

Feel Look Be...The Detox

On the 10th of January, me and hundreds of women from around the world are officially starting our January detox. 

We will be eating delicious clean food that promotes good health, a clear mind, improved concentration and acts as a natural immune booster.

We will be practicing daily (mon-fri) yoga and getting our steps in with daily walks. Movement is so important for physical and mental health.

We will be working on our mindset together in live mindset sessions, from my sofa to yours.

We will be goal and intention setting, reflecting and working on our vision for the year ahead.

You will be learning about how your body works, how the food you eat affects your body and your health and what you can do to reverse damage already done.

AND, we are going to have a tonne of fun inbetween.

If you are serious about your health and want to Feel Look Be your way to AMAZING this 2022, join us here.


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