Client Spotlight: Mhairi Cruickshank

Mar 03, 2024

Meet Mhairi Cruickshank, an inspiring woman whose transformation through Feel Look Be (FLB) is nothing short of remarkable. Nestled in Turriff with her partner David and their beloved dog Alfie, Mhairi's life was once overshadowed by a host of health challenges, including Fibromyalgia, ME and IBS. However, her discovery of FLB marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey to wellness.

The Catalyst for Change

Mhairi's path to FLB was sparked by the visible transformations she saw in her friends, who had become ardent advocates of the programme after their own successes. Initially sceptical, Mhairi's interest was piqued when she learned of FLB's potential to address her health issues directly. The turning point came when she decided to reach out and learn more, leading to her wholehearted commitment to the programme in June 2021.

A Holistic Approach

What truly distinguished FLB for Mhairi was its depth beyond mere weight loss; it presented an educational journey into health, a level of insight she hadn't found in numerous consultations with doctors. Coupled with the programme's strong sense of community, led by the vibrant Shelley Booth, it created a supportive atmosphere that deeply connected with Mhairi. This sense of belonging, along with Shelley's genuine and captivating style made it an enjoyable journey.

A Health Revolution

Mhairi's health transformation is profound and multifaceted. From debilitating pain and fatigue to a life constrained by medication, her progress under FLB has been nothing short of miraculous. The programme's emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods, encouragement to move more, education, mindset and strong support system facilitated a significant reduction in Mhairi's symptoms, allowing her to step back into the life she'd had to leave behind.

Empowered by Knowledge

Shelley Booth's knack for demystifying complex health concepts played a pivotal role in Mhairi's journey. Gaining insights into the science behind her conditions empowered Mhairi to engage in informed discussions with her healthcare providers, further enhancing her path to recovery.

A Family's Transformation

The impact of Mhairi's participation in FLB rippled through her household, bringing about a collective shift towards healthier living. David's newfound enjoyment of Mhairi's cooking, inspired by the programme's nutritious meal plans, is a testament to FLB's family-friendly appeal. This shared journey towards wellness has not only improved their health but also strengthened their bond.

Mindset Shift

Among the most transformative aspects of Mhairi's experience was the profound change in her mindset. The programme's focus on mental and emotional well-being helped Mhairi redefine her identity beyond her illnesses, fostering a more positive and resilient outlook on life.

A Lifelong Journey

Mhairi's engagement with FLB has evolved into a lifelong commitment to health and self-improvement. Her story is a powerful endorsement of the programme's ability to effect lasting change, not just for individuals but for entire families and now she gets to support other clients of Shelley's on their own journey to health. 

A Resounding Endorsement

In describing FLB, Mhairi uses words like transformative, engaging and life-enhancing. She passionately recommends the programme to anyone seeking a comprehensive and supportive path to better health and well-being.

Mhairi Cruickshank's journey with Feel Look Be exemplifies the transformative potential of embracing one's health holistically. Her story is a celebration of regained health, renewed vitality and the profound impact of a supportive community, epitomising the essence of Feel Look Be.

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