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Safe winter workout tips

blog workout Nov 22, 2021

As the winter nights draw in it becomes more important to maintain a regular fitness routine for health and wellbeing.

Our days can be so jam-packed that exercising during daylight hours is next to impossible. The majority of our exercise may be done after dark (or before sunrise) which can lead to feeling less motivated to go out in the dark alone.

Online training has boomed in the last five years and has been further accelerated by lockdown closing down gyms across the country. The benefits of training at home during the winter months are considerable and are set to continue its rise in popularity.

Here are some tips for staying safe in the winter months.

Buddy system - If you are going outdoors then exercising with a buddy is always preferable, you can look out for each other and stay motivated

Don’t wear earphones - It is important to keep your senses open so don’t exercise outdoors at night with earphones or just wear one earphone so you can hear any approaching footsteps or traffic

Stay in well light areas - The local park or woods may be perfect for summer months but avoid being in unlit areas at night. Wearing reflective gear will also help you be seen.

Terrain - Avoid wet or unstable terrain at night, wet trainers can easily slip and the darker nights mean it's easier to trip over

Rise and shine - undeniably the worst thing about winter is the cold and dark mornings, finding that motivation to go out alone can be tough compared to summer. Using an online fitness tool, especially one with a live stream in a morning, is the perfect way to start your day right with some physical exercise and motivation

Work out at home - Programmes such as the Feel Look Be Formula are perfectly set up for working out at home and now users have access to three live yoga sessions per week

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